OfficeSetup.exe -Proof of concept for IT EULA before Install
    ClientPassword.exe – Set Windows client Administrator password
    ServerPassword.exe – Set Windows Administrator server password
    StartOblivion.exe – Proof of concept for mount ISO and start exe

    Logon Scripts:
        mapDrives.bat                    – Map Drives
        wsus-client-detect.bat            – Run Windows Client Automatic Update
        register-dns.bat                – Register DNS (in case DHCP doesnt for you)
        printer-install.bat                – Install Printers from local site
        copy-tools.bat                    – Copy IT Tools, Sysinterals, etc locally
        exchange-profile.bat            – Setup Outlook
        3rd-party-software-check.bat    – Check for Virus Scan, Acrobat, Flash
        homeLogon.bat                    – Run Users own Batch script in their home dir
        checkAdmin.bat                    – Make sure Doman Admins and other admins are… admins and set local admin password
        spybot.bat                        – Update Spybot inf installed
        bginfo.bat                        – If server setup BGInfo from Sysinternals
        nsclient.bat                    – If server configure Nagios client
        restart-alg.bat                    – If Windows XP restart ALG Service (workaround for XP bug)
        report.bat                        – Writes session information to a hidden share/log, which is latter parsed by the ‘post logon script’ on a DC
    logonserver_log_parser.bat            – Post logon script, parses log created by report.bat and preforms actions on each client. For example system audits or adding the system to auto setup process.
    createDClogsFile.bat                – Create and archive report logs
    createDClogsShare.bat                – Create and setup report log share on DC
    default-client-ou.bat                – Move systems in Computer containers to default OU based on system name
    disable-account.cmd                    – Remove from groups, set up email forward to manager, re-assign all direct reports to manager, disable account delete mailbox
    give-local-admin.bat                – Left over from previous Setup
    healthcheck.bat                        – Check if Windows Update confgiured, run Windows
    old-accounts.bat                    – Disable user accounts that haven’t logged in in 8 weeks, delete computer accounts
    shutemdown.bat                        – Shut down all Windows Servers then DCs (for site power outages)
    LogonLimts.bat                        – Count total logon time for the day, force log off when threshold hit
    CrawlDomain-netdom                    – Connect to all systems on domain using netdom and run command
    CrawlDomain-dsquery                    – Connect to all systems on domain using a dsquery and run command
    CrawlDomain-browstat                – Connect to all systems on domain using browstat and run command

        ConnectToShare.bat                – Connect to \setupsetup$ and run next script
        Setup_Enviroment.bat            – Setup enviroment, join domain, rename based on Serial number, install apps, and more
        Prepare_for_User.bat            – Add username (based on system name) to local admins, active Windows 7 if needed, and more

        ifup.cmd                        – If system up do command. (rdp, http, etc)
        go.cmd                            – Change Directory to shortcut, sys, bin, doc, win, etc
        open.cmd                        – Open explorer to shortcut, sys, bin, doc, win, etc
        whenup.cmd                        – Wait for system to go down then wait for it to come up then do command
        rdp.cmd                            – Remote Desktop to host
    …and more
    server_downtime.wsf                    – Log off script to tell Nagios server is shuting down and should be back up in 15 minutes, pause monitoring for 15 minutes
    getSerial.vbs                        – Get system serial number (used with serial number to system naming tying)
    ejectDVD.vbs                        – Ejects DVD *yawn*
    check_disks.wsf                        – Checks all ‘partiions’ free space (Nagios Plugin)
    check_disk_and_eMail.vbs            – Checks all ‘partiions’ free space (Stand-alone)
    sendMail.vbs                        – Umm sends mail DUH!
    …and more
    switch-wifi-auto.ps1                – Turns off Wifi adapter if Ethernet adapter is connected.
    remove-bloatware.ps1                – Remove known ‘bad’ entries from auto start locations in Registry
    …and more

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